Laws on USA Online Gambling

Some states within the USA have legalized the operations of land-based casinos. Through time, the gambling industry has been flourishing into the online world. In fact, the country's annual revenue coming from the online gambling industry becomes higher than the revenue from the land-based gambling. Advanced technology has changed the way gamblers play the game, as they prefer the convenience brought by the online gaming sites.

Although players are aware that gambling is legal to specific USA states, they are still wondering whether the online gambling is also allowed. Online gambling does not bear the similar nature as compared to its land-based counterpart. Thus, the laws covering the land-based gaming companies in the USA may not be fully applicable to those online casinos.

Is Online Gambling Legal in the USA?

The question of online gambling's legalization in the USA is also state-based. This means that it depends on the state where a player is accessing the online casino. Regarding the federal level, there is no US federal law stating that online gambling is prohibited. Therefore, it is safe to assume that online gambling is legal. Still, there are some gambling activities that are considered illegal when done in the US.

The federal law prohibits the banks from moving gambling money from illegal bets. The Wire Act also prohibits websites from taking sports bet online. However, the laws does not mention betting on casino games such as poker. Players may head over to Action OC for the list of great casino games to try. It is one of the trusted gaming sites in the industry. This gaming site accepts players from the US.

There are specific US states that might have laws against online gambling, but cases of prosecution for gamblers are rare. It only occurs on extremely conservative states such as Oklahoma and North Dakota.

Some gambling activities may face risks such as penalties or being in jail. One best example is taking sports bets on a server located in the US, which is obviously illegal. It is recommended to know the prohibited activities before placing any bet on the gaming site. Instances wherein a case was filed include activities like accepting sports bets via phone lines in the US or foreign server, transferring funds to online casino as payment, and accepting online gambling advertisements on major media.

States Where Online Gambling is Legal

Despite the resistance from other areas, there are still US states that allow the regulation of online gambling. Nevada, for example, is known for having lots of land-based casinos and it also revises its laws to govern the interactive gaming. States like New York, Washington, and California allow online poker given that the gaming site has a legitimate license to operate.

There are also states such as Pennsylvania that implements gaming tax and posting penalties for unregulated gaming sites. The same state also provides license for slot machines and even casino liquors for the players to enjoy. Massachusetts also authorizes online gaming through its SB 241. Similar with Massachusetts, Illinois also created an Internet Gaming Act.

Best USA Online Gambling Sites

Finding the right gaming site online can be a difficult task. Players should check the game collection, payment methods available, overall security, and customer support of a gaming site where they want to play. All those casino affiliate programs are another proof that the casino industry doesn't stop. By visiting you will find out a way to earn more money and get new experiences while playing your favorite online casino games. Reading some reviews of US gaming sites can definitely help, too.

Bovada is the top most recommended US online casino. It has been running in the gambling industry since 1994. The gaming site has a wide selection of games from slot machines, poker, and other table games. It also serves as sportsbook where players can bet on sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. Plenty of bonuses and rewards are also given regularly in Bovada. These additional credits can surely help the players in earning higher cash prize.

USA players may also try some Canadian gaming sites as they allow some players outside their area.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds

After confirming that online gambling is allowed in the state where a player wants to play, he or she may start to deposit cash to start playing. There are various ways to pay and add credits to the player's bankroll. However, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act makes the choices limited for the US players. This act prohibits banks and financial institutions from processing payments to offshore gaming sites.

The best options for the US players are credit, debit, and prepaid cards. Double-check with the gaming site if they accept Visa or MasterCard. These two are the most common choices since American Express are not allowed in many online casinos. Another payment method is through cash transfer service. Players can fund their gaming accounts with the help of Western Union or MoneyGram, but it may not be convenient for the players.

For the withdrawal methods, the most common practice is through bank wire or check via courier. But the latter option takes a long time to receive the fund.