Mobile Slots are a Technological Revolution

Slots is by far one of the most popular and well known casino games of all time, bypassing even table titles like roulette and blackjack. They are quickly becoming as popular, if not more popular than their land-based counterparts, and part of that is due casinos transitioning their websites to mobile device optimization.

Why Play Portable Titles?

Who has the time anymore to spend sitting in front of their home computer, even to play a for a few minutes? The ability to play on a portable device, whether it is a tablet or smartphone, frees up the player to continue with their daily life, while fitting a game in during their downtimes. Ask anyone who's spent time in an airport for layover, or in a DMV, if they wouldn't rather have something entertaining and profitable to do during their wait.

What is Available?

Mobile slots provide some of the greatest variety in online slots games. The theme of these titles is only limited by the imagination of the programmer, and possibly by licensing for characters. Many sites offer dozens or hundreds of distinctly different titles for a player to choose from. Most of these will fall under two categories; single jackpot or progressive. Single jackpots are fairly self explanatory, as each combination of symbols has a set prize. Progressive jackpots allow the prize to grow as players make their bets, and the jackpot is only limited by the number of people playing.

Supported Devices

There are mobile slots apps and websites for almost every device and operating system on the market. It doesn't matter whether the player uses Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry devices, there are titles available for them all. Yes, even for Blackberry, though many people consider the little keyboard devices to be slightly archaic. iOS devices can have trouble accessing some of the optimized websites if the sites in question use Flash Player to power their games. Flash is not compatible with the Apple operating system.

How to Play

Mobile slots are similar to both their online counterparts, and their land based ancestors. The game information will let players know the rules, minimum bet, lines and bet per line as it applies to each game. All the player has to do is choose their bet, choose which lines to bet on, and tap the spin button. The software does the rest. Some casino purists prefer the pull of a physical handle, but the tap of a touch screen button is just as effective.


Mobile slots are quickly becoming the most convenient and profitable way for players to keep up with their games and bets while they are away from home computers. It is simple for players to just log in, access their accounts and either start a new game or pick up where they left off on their PCs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to enjoying slots on your mobile, especially as the technology continues to improve.