USA Players Use RealTime Gaming Slots for Impressive Action

RealTime Gaming, known as RTG, is one of the most reputable providers of casino software. The company is internationally renowned, headquartered in the US and the Caribbean, and affiliates with gaming websites all over the globe. RTG has been around almost as long as online gambling itself, formed in the late 1990s a couple of years before the first money site started accepting cash bets over the Internet. The solid reputation of this company is based on the variety of popular titles that they service to websites. USA players use RealTime Gaming slots because of the solid reputation of the design company, the popular titles they offer, and the services they host.

Operations and Options

Most casinos operate on this designer's software and accept bets from the American wagering market, even after anti-gambling legislation was introduced in 2006. Since USA players use RealTime Gaming slots, this company dominates the American betting market. The first virtual wagering sites offered very little outside of what you'd expect traditional land-based casinos to offer. Today, thanks to years in the industry, RGT and other slot designers have produced tip-top machines that go above and beyond what you'd find at a typical Vegas resort.

Classic, Progressive, and Multi-Line Options

For customers used to traditional play, this company provides plenty of classic slots. Typically this type of machine uses single paylines and a small number of reels, combined with very few options in terms of wagering. These are the most basic, simple versions of the game. Progressives have bigger jackpots, and the progressive apparatus is networked across the company's affiliated gaming sites. You can watch as the prize raises, hoping to take home the biggest possible reward. USA players use RealTime Gaming slots to enjoy over 100 multi-line offerings. These are a step up from classic machines in terms of complexity. Rather than a single payline, they offer the chance to wager on multiple lines at once. They have created multi-line machines with progressive jackpots, bonus games, and other features to entice players to try their hand at these more complicated systems.

Real Series Online Slots

Real Series machines are popular video bonus games, and the customer response has been so positive that the company is constantly releasing more of these high-bonus titles. With a variety of themes, customizable options, paylines and bet sizes, these titles are adaptable to all sorts of styles.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a mainstay with this developer. Users love random jackpots, and this company excels at stuffing bonus features into their titles. Often these machines have random rewards that pop up on any particular spin, rather than requiring a certain pattern of symbols.

Customer Response

Overall, this developer is well-received largely because they offer video bonus slots, additional and greater chances of triggering bonus games and features, and because their range of games is enormous. Programming player-adjustable options is a big part of this popularity because you can customize a game's speed, screen size, audio settings, and other settings that are designed with the gambler in mind.