Make Casino Slot Bonuses Work for You : Free Codes Inside

Online sites where players are able to play for money tend to offer a variety of slots bonuses to both entice players to join their websites, and encourage them to stay. Some of these can be extremely lucrative, while others are wrapped up in so much red tape and fine print that it is nearly impossible to get to them.

Sign Up Offers

The most common slots bonus offered is the famous, or infamous, sign up offer. Most sites offer a match, which is usually a certain percentage of a newcomer's first or first few deposits. For example, Site X might offer a 100% match on a visitor's first deposit, up to $1,000, and a 50% match on the next three deposits, up to $500 each. While many of these promotions are straightforward, there are some where reading the fine print is essential. Most of these offers will be deposited directly into a player's account, to use on games of their choice. Others, though, are restricted to use on certain games or tables.

Reload Promotions

Another very common type of slots bonuses is the reload offer. Unless an individual is very good or very lucky, most of them will need to make periodic deposits to continue playing. Reload offers are generally small percentage matches on deposits. Sometimes these are on the first deposit in a week or month, other times it depends on the day the deposit is made.

Preferred Deposit Method

Many casino and slot games are affiliated with electronic cash and banking programs. As such, they may have a preferred deposit method and many will grant a small bonus, usually around 10-15% up to a certain amount, on all deposits made using their preferred method. These offers usually have a very specific cap on the amount that can be acquired each month.

Player Points

Almost all casinos offer a player points system in addition to their different slots bonuses. While the details of these programs differ from site to site, in general they allow users to accumulate points based on how much money they wager, or how much rack they generate. These points can be exchanged once accumulated for cash, prizes, or other incentives. Many sites also use these points to rank users on a VIP scale, and use it as a way to easily identify high rollers.

VIP Programs

Similar to the points programs, almost all casinos have some form of VIP program. VIP players are granted access to exclusive content and tournaments, dedicated customer service, and other perks. Some casinos allow users to buy their way into VIP status, so to speak, with a deposit of predetermined size. Others allow everyone to work their way up to VIP status with the aforementioned points program. Whichever way casinos allow players to make their way into the VIP system, they are still very lucrative programs to be part of.