A Cut Above: 3D Slots Online Games

3D is becoming more and more popular as technology advances. These movies are some of the highest grossing films, and handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo 3DS offer the experience without the need for specialized glasses. To keep up with this trend, a number of online have started offering 3D slots online games.

What Are 3D Slots and Who Has Them?

While these games are not offering the true 3D experience that people would expect to find in the theater, they do strive to mimic the three-dimensional world. This is accomplished by employing the very best artist and programmers to create a superior product those players will not find anywhere else on the web. Currently, most of the titles are being offered by lesser known software providers who are attempting to attract attention. As of the time of this writing, the only companies that are offering 3D slots online games are BetSoft, Microgaming, Sheriff, NetEnt, Caytano, and CTM. Collectively, these companies host around 50 distinctly different options.


BetSoft offers a number of cartoony comic themed options, such as Scots Angels, Mad Scientist, and Enchanted. The artwork is beautiful and in some cases so realistic that it could easily scare small children or sensitive adults. This provider is currently the leader in three-dimensional gambling, however, and their offerings are known worldwide for offering up some of the most beautiful aesthetic scenery in the entire industry.

Sheriff Gaming

One of the newest kids on the block, Sheriff Gaming, offers some of the newest and most advanced games on the market today. The software hosts some of the most lifelike characters, but does not lack for cartoony or fantastic titles either. No Mercy and Amsterdam Masterplan are designed to mimic life like characters, where other titles like Dr. Magoo's Adventures and Lucky Heroes lean more toward the cartoon style.


Microgaming is already well known for its plethora of popular casino titles. Recently, they launched the brand's first 3D offering, known as Sterling Silver Slots. Not only is it a beautiful adventure, it offers players a host of bonuses, multipliers, wild cards, and mini games that cannot be found in other styles of play. They are planning to release two other titles following the metal-theme: Liquid Gold and Pure Platinum.

The Future of Online Slots

Currently, these titles are few and far between. They are extremely graphics intensive and require a high level of artistry that many casinos are currently unable or unwilling to employ. As graphics technology continues to advance, these will become more and common. The ones that are currently available are very popular. The animated graphics are well above those of common titles, and will continue to improve. 3D Slots online games are almost always the most popular options that online and land based casinos currently offer. New and experienced player alike can enjoy the new aspects that these new 3D options introduce to a fairly familiar experience.