RTG Keno Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

Legend has it that if US gamblers want to play a casino game with the worst payout rates of all time, they should choose online keno. The numbers-based, lottery-style game may be notorious for giving out the worst payouts on the Internet, but that may not necessarily be true in every case since some software providers offer better odds than others. Even the very best ones can pay out similarly to video slots, which might not be a terrible option after all. This RTG keno review will shed some light on the pros and cons of choosing RealTime Gaming for your keno fix.

Understanding The Rules

The game is basically a miniature lottery. You choose numbers upon which to wager, between one and 15 in most cases. After selecting your favorites, a combination of numbers will be randomly chosen by the computer. These winning numbers are then revealed, and payouts are made based on the amount of numbers you successfully chose. You will get paid based on correct guesses as well. For example, a "pick 5" bet in which you choose five numbers can provide a really nice payout. Strategy is definitely based on the amount of numbers you select rather than which numbers you select in particular. RealTime Gaming software allows you to test these ideas out for free before putting up real cash.

Different Versions

If you are eager to get started, there are two things you should remember that can help maximize both your return on investment and your fun. First, you should find a casino powered by the best available software company. Unfortunately, RealTime Gaming's payouts are not as good as some others, such as Playtech or Microgaming. However, you may find that the software quality and selection outweighs this con. Second, when making your bets, choose carefully between the ones that have better payouts and of course factor in the risk and reward you are willing to gamble on.

Here is a comparison between the best available keno wagers from Real Time Gaming and their competitors, Microgaming and Playtech. For RTG the "pick 11" is the best, at 86.75%. Other good options are the "pick 8 or 14" options, which each have 85.41%. The worst possible payout is given for the "pick 1" at a very low 75%. Playtech's structure is a little different in that only 10 numbers can be selected, but the "pick 3" has a very high 92.96% payout. At Microgaming, the "pick 13" can win you a nice 96.54% for the best possible win. As with the Real Time Gaming structure, you should still avoid the singe option no matter which company is powering your game.

This RTG keno review has shared some of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to playing this popular game online, but ultimately it will be your decision: do you want to enjoy the game for its own sake and spend a little money doing it, or do you want to play something else with better earning potential? At least with this company, the graphics, security and speed are known to be top-notch and will not disappoint you.